Explosion Protection – ATEX Explained



Best for the workshop the iF series has flexible bases, an in-built magnet to attach to a variety of surfaces and handle. You can angle the light in any direction, vary the focus and make it work for you. The ultimate in hands-free lighting the iF floodlights have some extra surprising features.

With a built in power bank the iF4R and iF8R will help keep you going all day. If you’re working in a difficult environment you can charge your phone and still have an impressive lumen output. The iF8R can even be controlled through the Ledlenser app on your phone if it isn’t in easy reach.

IF8R – £199.99

IF4R – £149.99

Inspection Lamps

Pocket sized inspection lamps are the best co-worker for tight spaces. Fitting in small gaps and giving a powerful light beam you never have to work with the unknown again. The beam can be adjusted to best fit your needs and it is handy to keep with you at all times. With pocket clips, magnets, hooks and adjustable bracket

Each has a squared shape so unlike traditional torches, there’s no worry that they will roll off your workbench and will provide a more stable light.

The iW2R-laser includes a laser pointer and a ruler so you don’t have to carry as many tools on the job. The brightest inspection lamp is the iW7R with a blinding 600 lumens to light up anywhere.

iW7R – £99.99

iW2R-Laser – £44.99


The ultimate camping accessory, the ML Ledlenser lanterns are compact, powerful, and easy to recharge. These adaptable lights include different settings to suit your surroundings and include red light to preserve night vision. A transport lock makes them ideal for any adventure and multiple mount options from a magnet to hooks make them suit any camp setup and work environment.

The smaller ML4 can be powered with either rechargeable or standard AA batteries so if you have no access to electricity you can still rely on this handy lantern. With 5 light functions and a carabiner clip you’d be lost without it.

The ML6 packs a punch with 8 light functions and up to 750 lumens. It even works as a battery pack to recharge your other devices on the go! Everything you need for a camping trip in the wilderness and more.

ML6 – £79.95

ML4 – £39.95


Powerful Performance – Floodlights and Worklights

If you work in a dangerous environment, health and safety is more important than ever. ATEX certifications let you know if a product is designed for use in areas with dangerous gases, vapours and dust.

The Ledlenser ATEX range includes torches and headtorches to suit your needs and keep you safe and seen.


The ATEX policy applies to companies within the EU where explosive atmospheres related to gas or dust occur. Working areas are divided into zones according to the frequency and duration of the explosion hazard.

Zone 0/20

Working areas in which explosive atmospheres in the form of flammable gases, vapours or dust clouds (e.g. in gas tanks or grain silos) prevail predominantly.

Zone 1/21

Working areas in which explosive atmospheres in the form of flammable gases, vapours or dust clouds prevail occasionally.

Zone 2/22

Working areas in which explosive atmospheres in the form of flammable gases, vapours or dust clouds (e.g. in case of a gas leak) usually do not prevail/prevail only for a short time


We’ve Gone Plastic Free

We understand that when you buy something online you don’t have much control over how it will be packaged and sent to you. We’ve all seen and heard stories of items being delivered in boxes much bigger than needed and filled to the brim with unnecessary plastic packaging.

At Buck-Store, we’re making big changes to reduce our, your, and our suppliers’ impact on the environment.

What Goes Into our Packaging:

There isn’t any bubblewrap in our warehouse. To make sure your deliveries reach you in perfect condition we use Protega Global cardboard wrap. This is made by shredding cardboard boxes that we receive in deliveries to be reused as packaging in your orders.

Protega’s mission is to eliminate packaging pollution and we’re proudly supporting this movement!
Before getting shipped off in the Royal Mail van, everything is put in either a recyclable Jiffy Green padded envelope or one of our post boxes made from 70% recycled material. Sealed with paper tape, your order is then heading out the door on its way to you!

The Bigger Picture

All of the packaging we use is plastic free and can either be composted, reused, or recycled at home. We still receive a number of products from our suppliers wrapped individually in plastic, which means you may receive some of this in your parcel. By eliminating plastic from our own packaging, we are reducing our internal waste and using this as a platform to make suppliers stand up and take note. By getting in contact with the manufacturers and requesting changes we can reduce unwanted plastic waste even further, and we’re already seeing improvements!


Our Charity Projects

Thanks to our customers’ support earlier this year we achieved a record milestone in assisting Pod Volunteer to deliver over 100,000 meals to school children in Nepal.

Since 2016 the Outdoor 365 group, of which Led Lenser Store is a part, have been making monthly donations. Read our Project Pod update blog to learn more about the Nepal project.



Our New Venture

With the Nepal programme unfortunately coming to an end, we are now supporting the Community Education project in Northern Peru. Our monthly donations will allow the volunteer team to provide around 10,000 meals each year for the children who need it most.

The Community Education project and school was established in 2006 and Pod Volunteer have been supporting them since 2013. The project aims to help educate young children deemed ‘at risk’ of dropping out of the public school system due to poverty or lack of family support.

Working in partnership with local Peruvian charity Seeds of Hope, they support children’s education and health in the city of Huarez. The project is a supportive environment in which the children obtain help and encouragement with their homework as well as access to the school resources they need. By providing the children with a safe place to come after school, they act as a free care service for children who may otherwise spend the afternoon at home alone.

Our donations help provide a guaranteed, nutritious meal during the day which is desperately needed as sadly 1 in 4 children in the region suffer from malnutrition.

Since the beginning of the year we have already provided
over 3,000 meals to the Community Education project!


Project Pod – 50,000 Meals Donated

Since 2016 we’ve donated over 50,000 meals to children in Nepal

Pod Volunteer support schools and community projects through teaching to boost students’ confidence and to inspire a passion to learn. With an opportunity to improve their English language, these children are given wider access to job opportunities to help break them out of the poverty cycle.

At Outdoor 365 we help these projects by making a monthly donation which is equivalent to 2,200 meals every month. We are incredibly proud of hitting the 50,000 meals milestone and look forward to reaching 100,000 meals by 2020.

“Since Pod Charity started working with Outdoor365 in 2016 we have been able to provide over 50,000 school lunches for children in Nepal. Without this lunch many of the children would have to wait until the evening for the first meal of their day so having a lunch provided at school not only helps to increase school attendance but also helps the children to concentrate on learning.” Gemma, Pod Charity Manager

We also provide Pod Volunteer’s recommended kit list with everything from sleeping bag liners to all-weather notebooks ready to help make your volunteering trip run as smoothly as possible. Make sure to check our full Pod Volunteer Kit before your next adventure!

None of this would be possible without your continued support of our brand and we thank you for your custom. 100% of our donations go straight to the children that need it most and we will continue to bring you updates on the amazing impact we are having to their lives.


Project Pod – 1 Year Update

In February 2016 we announced our collaboration with the brilliant Pod Charity. Our aim was to provide 2,200 meals a month to children studying in less financially supported schools throughout Nepal. In the past year, with the help of our donations, Pod have helped immensely to improve the lives of these students.

Prabhat School is one of the five Nepalese schools receiving funding for daily meals from the Outdoor365 Group. Our monthly donations, made possible by you, provide a daily hot meal for the pupils who otherwise may not receive one.

Since launching Project Pod in February 2016 we have provided 26,400 meals to children across five different Nepalese schools. We would like to thank you for your continued support which allows us to provide these crucial meals. We hope you will continue to enjoy this journey with us.

Janice, a local Pod Charity Manager based in Pokhara who works closely with Prabhat School, explains how these meals are making a difference to the students and the community…

“Prabhat School is located in Chahada Dada Sedi, which is around a 45 minute walk from the Lakeside area of Pokhara, central Nepal. The school is located on top of a small hill which is on the way to Sarangkot, a village situated above Pokhara with spectacular views of the Annapurna Mountain Range.

Since launching project Pod in February 2016 Outdoor365 has provided 26,400 meals to Children in five Nepalese schools.

Most of the children attending Prabhat School come from very poor families, consequently most of the parents can’t afford to send them to a private school in the city centre. However over time, due to lack of funding and resources, the small rural government schools are starting to close down with children being forced to travel elsewhere for education. The teachers from Prabhat School say that one of the reasons why this school is still running is due to the children’s continued and increased attendance motivated by receiving the meals. This is a great added value and motivation for the parents to keep sending their children every day. This ensures that the minimum number of children attend the school for it to stay open and operate. If this school closes down the majority of the kids will no longer be able to attend school as their parents won’t be able to afford to send them to a private school or pay for the transport to the closest government free school.

The children mostly come from Sedi area but there are few who walk for up to an hour to come to their school. As many of the children come from low income families their parents are not able to afford to send them lunches for school and many do not have breakfast. The meals provided by Outdoor365 give them the energy required to continue to go to school and learn.

Many of the children’s parents have low paid jobs on constructions sites and unfortunately some of the children come from difficult home environments. Despite difficulties at home, the children have a huge desire to study and with the right environment provided in school these kids could do wonders in their lives.

The school tries to vary their lunches on a daily basis. The school provides beans as they are a great source of protein and they mix vegetables with noodles or beaten rice which lets the kids get the nutrition required for growing and energy required for concentration.

The children in this school are brilliant kids. Seeing them getting to enjoy their school and the lunches is an amazing feeling. Providing meals is a simple initiative which makes a huge difference to the lives of the children coming to this school and also for the future of this school which has some amazing, committed teachers working every day to make a good educational foundation.”

You can learn more about the Project Pod initiative here!

Click here to learn more about how the Pod Charity and Pod Volunteer are supporting the children in Nepal and find out about how you can volunteer and help the children too.


Project Pod – Mid-Year Update!

Earlier this year we announced a collaboration with our good friends Pod Charity. Since February we have donated 2,200 meals every month to Children in five different locations across Nepal, including schools, children’s homes and care centres.

Pod Charity and their placement volunteers in Nepal have kindly kept us updated with how our donations – made possible by you! – are improving the health and education of these children, so we’ve decided to share their reports with you!

You can click here to learn more about our partnership with Pod Charity. Travelling soon? You can find all the gear you’ll need in our  travel kit list – recommended by Pod themselves! To learn more about how you can volunteer for Pod visit the Pod Volunteer website.

Annapurna Primary School

Led Lenser Store donations fund hot school lunchtime meals

Children in Annapurna Primary School

Annapurna Primary School teaches children aged from 4 to 12 years old and is located in the heart of the busy city of Pokhara. The school is a free government school meaning any child is free to attend. However, as the school receives very little funding from the government their facilities are poor. The school is attended by children from low income families who more often than not will receive their only hot meal of the day at school. Tika, a teacher at the school has noticed a major improvement in children’s attendance, in her class alone it has increased by a third, since they started to receive funding for the school lunchtime meals initiative.

Street Children’s Centre

LedLenser-Store donations fund daily meals

The Street Children’s Centre cares for 11 children who have previously been living on the street; providing safe accommodation for them and offering stability and the opportunity to attend school. The Centre receive no government funding and are completely dependent on donations and volunteers from charities such as Pod. So our support enables the children to have a balanced diet to grow, develop and have the energy to focus on their education and enjoying themselves.

Prabhat Primary School

Pokhara is located 127 Miles from the capital Kathmandu

LedLenser-Store donations fund hot school lunchtime meals

Prabhat Primary School is situated in a rural, mountainous area of Pokhara and is another free government school. The children attending this school mostly come from families of subsistence farmers and so often have little to no income. This makes it even more worthwhile for them to receive a hot meal every day at school as it has not just given them a guaranteed hot meal every day, but has resulted in an increase in children’s concentration in class and number of children regularly attending the school.

Ward 6 Child Day Care Centre 

Ward 6 is a day care centre located in the city centre and is for low to middle income families. The day care centre provides vital care for children aged 6 months to 5 years old in a secure environment, giving local families the time to work with the knowledge that their children are safe. With the support from LedLenser-Store the children receive a hot meal during the day at the centre, ensuring that they are receiving the vital nutrition that they need in order to grow.

Asha Children’s Home

LedLenser-Store donations fund meals and home grown food

Asha Children’s Home is located in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains and is home to 13 children. The home aims to be self-sufficient in the future, with the intention of developing farmland to grow their own food. The children at the Home cannot live with their own families for a variety of social reasons and so the home works hard to provide a safe and supportive environment in which they can grow. As the home works towards its goal of being self-sufficient, the food donations they receive are incredibly vital in ensuring that the children are all well fed and provided for at this vulnerable time.


Win Two VIP Tickets To Silverstone With LED Lenser & Ferrari

LED Lenser have partnered with Ferrari to give you the chance to WIN TWO VIP TICKETS to attend the prestigious Blancpain GT Series race at Silverstone race track this May.

The Blancpain GT series will see the Led Lenser sponsored Ferrari 488GT compete against some of the world’s most iconic car brands including Audi, Jaguar and Mercedes in a three hour endurance race. You’ll get the chance to see many of Britain’s top teams and drivers competing up close in the fourth round of this six race series.

To celebrate we’ve been given a pair of VIP tickets to give away. The tickets include entry to the track for qualifying on Saturday 14th and the race itself on Sunday 15th. Hospitality in the LED Lenser area for both days is also included, as well as one night of accommodation and an exclusive LED Lenser goody bag worth £150! This is a unique way to experience the Blancpain GT Series you won’t want to miss out on.

To make this even more exciting, we’ve got one LED Lenser F1R Torch worth £89.99 to give away to a lucky runner up.

The power of the F1R Torch cannot be understated. This astounding rechargeable pocket torch puts an almighty 1000 lumens of light in the palm of your hand. It’s super-strong white light can light up to 160 meters and features three Smart Light Technology lighting options: High Power, Power and Low Power.

Tired of bulky torches? All of this is amazingly captured in a 115mm long body. Not just ideal for everyday use, the F1R comes with a stainless steel end ring that can be interchanged with a more angular tactical ring, transforming this torch into a handy glass or ice breaker. Just like that the F1R is an essential carry tool for anyone in the armed forces, police or a first responder. It’s no trouble to keep the F1R charged either, with easy to use USB charging from either it’s own included USB recharging system or any device with a USB port.

This competition has now closed. Thank you for entering.


WIN a LED Lenser® XEO 19R Rechargeable Head Lamp

We’re proud to announce the release of the LED Lenser® XEO 19R Rechargeable Head  Lamp, available to pre-order now from To celebrate the release, we’re offering you the chance to WIN a LED Lenser® XEO 19R Head Lamp in our exclusive competition.

Whether it’s a gruelling search and rescue mission, a climb up the highest mountain or an extreme adventure on foot, bike, skis or skateboard the new LED Lenser® XEO 19R is the ultimate light that will extend the day long after the sun has called time.

Simply LED Lenser’s brightest ever head lamp, capable of delivering an awe-inspiring 2000 lumens up to 300 meters, this stunning bit of kit is so much more than a mere head lamp…

5 torches in 1

By detaching the lamp head and battery pack from the headband the XEO 19R converts easily from a head lamp into

  • a hand held super torch
  • a body lamp for off-head hands free lighting*
  • one of the brightest bike lights around*
  • or the perfect helmet light*.

State-of-the-art technology

The two lenses, each featuring LED Lenser’s® world renowned patented Advanced Focus SystemTM optics and the very latest CREE® LEDs, are housed in a water resistant (IPX6) protective casing and throw out incredible cannon beams of light which can be easily directed where required.

Each lens can be activated independently or, using the incorporated X-Lens TechnologyTM, they combine together to form one single unblemished beam of light. Each lens can also be focused instantly for spot beam, flood beam or a combination of the two offering exceptional flexibility.

The Smart Light TechnologyTM, combines with a super-efficient purpose designed Dynamic SwitchTM to enable various lighting options for further flexibility. These include Boost, Low Power, Power, Opti-SenseTM, Strobe and an Emergency (Firefly) light.

The newly developed thermal Speed Cooling SystemTM cools the LEDs by an inflow of air resulting in a brighter light the faster the user travels.


Opti-SenseTM technology cleverly measures real time ambient light and automatically dims or brightens the XEO’s light output ensuring power is preserved for a longer battery life. On the Emergency light setting – 10 lumens – an incredible 400 hours of light is achievable.

The XEO 19R is a rechargeable light, making it more energy efficient and better for the environment. The newly developed battery pack incorporating 4 x 18650 lithium-ion batteries also doubles as a power pack allowing charging of mobile phones, cameras and similar items via USB. Charging can take place whilst the light is in use.